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At HipHalos Waistbeads, each waistbead is handmade by us. They are strung on some of the best quality string made for water, with handpicked quality beads that will not fade, some are made with real genuine crystals and 14k Gold Filled beads that will not fade or tarnish. So yes, you can swim and shower and your beads will still be as good as new. Our designs are inspired by nature, Flowers and the beach are 2 of my most favorite things. Our strands are made to help build confidence, help you on your self love journey whether its weight loss, weight gain, setting intentions, or embarking on a new journey. Our beads are for Everyone! Gender, size, color, age, religion does not matter.


Paris otherwise known as Prissy is the owner and creator of HipHalos. Born in California, specifically raised in Inglewood. A chef, a mother and mentor, what most would call the jack of all trades. With all of her experience and background working in corporate America, beading started as a therapy tool and hobby to get back some piece of happiness from everything around. Inspired by her sister Ronni and cousins Windi and Alicia she went on to research and gain knowledge on the what and why of waist beads, crystal healing, essential oils and smudging with sage and palo santo. Since June 2019, she has been working to help other people gain back their self confidence, start their weight loss/gain journeys, become more mindful, careful and intentional with their centers, and even step into motherhood.

We are not medical professionals and even though crystals and colors are said to be used for healing purposes we are owning no responsibilities for healing any underlying health problems. If you may be experiencing an emergency please contact emergency personnel. 

Thank you for choosing and trusting us and allowing us to teach and be apart of such emotional moments and milestones.

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