What are Waistbeads

Waist beads have been used for centuries in West African cultures as symbols of fertility, sexuality, and spirituality. Today, they are all of that as well as mindfulness tools to help keep you connected to your center. They work as fashion pieces, weight tracking tools, adornments, reminders with your set intentions, self love and crystal healing and so much more. Waist beads have zero boundaries as to who can use them, so it doesn't matter the color, gender, size, or cultural background. HipHalos is an all inclusive brand to any and everyone with the desire to adorn themselves with waist beads.


What do waistbeads do?

At HipHalos our strands are one of a kind, inspired by nature in essence of flowers, many beautiful places around the world and into the galactic center. When mindfully placed, waist beads can assist us on a journey to embody self confidence, inner peace and strength that comes when we immediately set intentions during the tying process. Waist beads also have color meanings which are influenced by the 7 Chakra energy points located down the spine.

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